Wanted: Another Rolferâ„¢ for Balance

I’m not only a Rolfer with a big background in  naturopathic medicine and bodywork but also a business owner.

update May 21st 2012: I am still looking for the right fit. Doesn’t have to be a Rolfer, a Structural Integrator from a different school would also be possible.

As you see here, we have four massage therapists, an acupuncture physician, myself as the Rolfer, and there are three part time people to staff the office.
By now a lot of my time goes into business development and management, so the space on the top right is reserved for a second Rolfer to give me more time.
At Balance we provide all the administration, marketing and professional facilities that bodyworkers need nowadays to be able to compete with the massage chains and chiropractors who employ massage therapists.