Backbends hurt your back…

… if you only bend your lower back.

Ouch! Just looking at this picture hurts! And the one below is no better–off the pages of Yoga Journal. They had a pretty good article about Cobra Pose, unfortunately promoted as ” one pose for a healthy, pain free back”. The image and the article are describing two different things, and that shows one of the most disturbing problems with yoga we have today: The images are all wrong!                 Continue reading

If a treatment doesn’t work, quit.

DVinci_Symbol.jpgHere’s my unpopular opinion: Go ahead and expect fast results from the CAM treatment you’re trying.

Don’t fall for the pitch “this isn’t surgery… it takes time for your system to change”.

While the argument is true, the implication can cost you thousands of dollars without any benefit to your health.

I’ve seen it too often: new clients tell me about the doctors/practitioners they paid, faithfully, for several treatments per week, for a whole year, without any improvement of their problem!                                Continue reading

Best 10 Ways to Kill Your Massage Business

they call it "deep tissue" I call it a joke.On a suicide mission?

Here’s how you make sure your business won’t survive 2012:

10: Give massages like in this picture and call them “deep tissue”. If you are strong enough to make it work for your clients, you will eventually develop arthritis, tendinitis and other problems that will ruin your career. It’s a slow way, but proven to work.

9: Tell clients that your method is the best thing ever, and if it doesn’t work, it must be the client’s fault.

8. Speak in dismissive tones about your coworkers and colleagues.

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