PIP scams in Florida

I run a massage business. We bill auto insurance after accidents, and soon that won’t be available any more. I’m not too worried, since most of our clients pay out of pocket, but the changes for the industry as a whole will be huge, and even we will have problems making payroll.

I’m very sorry for the massage therapists who work in facilities that specialize on auto accidents, because a lot of them will lose their jobs. (Btw… I’ll need an LMT with good deep tissue techniques for weekends). 

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Tools for Massage Therapists


Mechanic and electronic gadgets are getting more popular among massage therapists.
Some show great results, others are only used to give the therapist’s hands a break.
I’ve seen many cases where clients didn’t get any benefit from the treatment, but the therapists insisted on its necessity.
(Read this if you’re in that situation)

Consider the amazing tools massage therapists come with.
They can exert a precise amount of pressure, vibration, friction; so precise that you could measure it by the gram. Recalibration and assessment happen instantly, all the time.

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One of my first real jobs was as the office manager of a small construction crew. Just temporary employment for one project. The boss of the crew had to learn using computers–it was the early nineties–and hired me to help him out. He was a lot more comfortable out on the site with his guys than in front of a screen.

I was hired for a position way above my experience and enjoyed the challenge.

Supposedly I was an expert on Excel, so I had to quickly teach myself the basic operations needed for calculating payroll.

I had a blast. The guys enjoyed bantering with me, my boss was happy he could do what he liked, and I was organizing the small office how I saw fit.

I also learned a lot about leadership.

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