How to Get Found Online (SEO for complete beginners, dummies, blogging newbies…yes, that’s me)

Other therapists often say: “In my area people don’t know much about alternative medicine, so it’s been slow to build a business.”

Their ads talk about the style of work they specialize in. So do their websites. And their profiles on Social Media. And yes, they do their best to educate people–about that specific system they are certified in. By giving talks at libraries, community centers, maybe even networking groups. Let’s say those are well-prepared, entertaining presentations that get people out of their chairs to experience their bodies like they never have before. Kudos! It’s important to get the word out. It’s just a frustratingly slow way to build a clientele.

SEO gets you booked much faster.
That’s what you get countless spam emails about: “After a thorough analysis of your company’s website,….” and then they tell you they will get you on page one on Google. Don’t hire the one who spams you!
The process to improve your ranking on Google is called Search Engine Optimization, SEO. It’s a big market, and can get expensive… but here’s how you get started for absolutely free. 

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Easy Yoga Flow

Take a break from blogging and administrative work and do some yoga!
I’m demonstrating an easy flow through basic yoga poses under Candice’s instruction.
We’ve deliberately kept anything fancy out of this, so anybody who is able to get onto the floor and up without help can try it.
If you’ve never done yoga, better start with this video to learn a basic Sun Salutation.

take it from the Dalai Lama

I’ve read that the Dalai Lama is very mindful of the importance of keeping a sensible pace so he can live in the spirit of love every day. One time a reporter asked him how he remains so calm, so grounded, and so loving when his life can be so stressful and demanding.

He paused, gave the question some serious thought, and then answered, “I leave early for appointments.” 

I saw it in a random post a while ago. Unfortunately I could not find the original article, so I’m not sure whether it’s even a real quote.

The idea is true, though. The benefits of leaving early, showing up with time to spare, always planning on those extra ten minutes are huge.

In regards to being calm, relaxed and focused it’s a lot better than getting massages, acupuncture, taking supplements, and going on vacations. Additionally, if you show up early for appointments, you can get a lot more out of the appointment itself. In my case, my clients get a better and often longer session if they’re early.

I could go on here–I have a lot of examples where being early gave me an unexpected benefit. But I’d rather read your examples, your stories. How do you get “more” just by leaving early for appointments?

my names

“Tania Lu Müller-Kaul” is on my birth certificate. I go by “Lu” since all the other names are too complicated and nobody knows how to pronounce them. “Tanja” was one of the most popular German names in my generation, so I’ve never liked it much. Good that my parents chose the shortest middle name they could find!

Pronunciation hint for Americans: try something like “Lou Miller Cowl”, that’ll be closer than the “Miller-Cool” I recently heard.

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Short notice

Most massage therapists start their career sitting around, waiting for walk-ins. Is that you?

A lot of places don’t pay for the long hours you spend there.
It’s illegal to require your presence without paying for it, but some business owners don’t even know that; or they don’t care.

As soon as you’re out of that day spa, you’re likely to go to the other extreme and you don’t take appointments on short notice.

It’s understandable–you want to plan your day and do other things than just sit around and wait for the phone to ring. After all… isn’t having your own business all about making your own schedule?        Continue reading