Structural Interventions for Instant Results


In the past four years, I’ve developed, tested and improved my own type of bodywork for quick fixes. It’s based on techniques I learned in Germany 1995-98 when I was studying naturopathic medicine and bodywork, but is also influenced by my current work as a Certified Rolfer™–or, to be more specific, SIFIR is what I do when I don’t do Rolfing®.
I’m not always going for the holistic re-education of the whole body that Rolfing Structural Integration is intended for. Quite often I see clients who are well-integrated and just have a singular problem that needs attention, often related to injury, or just “a crick in the neck”.
Other times there is a problem with pain or limited range of motion that is standing in the way of better integration and needs to be addressed before a holistic approach can be used.

In those cases symptom-oriented bodywork is called for, and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 15 years. Now I’ve put my quick fixes into a system.

Since my clients often comment on “instant gratification”, I call it SIFIR–Structural Interventions for Instant Results.

This is not about selling “new” techniques. If you have a lot of experience with myofascial work, especially structural bodywork, the techniques themselves are similar.

What’s “new” is that I aim at high efficiency for fast pain relief. A lot of my sessions are just 20 minutes long, and the results are great.
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