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Of course I never share or sell email addresses, and I will only put you on the list you ask for. You can easily unsubscribe, and I NEVER take an “unsubcribe” personally. I don’t want to clutter your inbox!


Just in case you’re new to newsletter management… it’s actually considered polite to unsubcribe instead of just deleting emails.

Here’s why:

Newsletter providers charge us for the amount of emails we send out. So if you always delete the newsletter, or you just leave it unread, we still pay for it.

The worst is to mark a newsletter as “spam”. Please only do that if you’re really mad at somebody! Email services will sort out ALL email from that address as “spam”, so you can really damage somebody’s online reputation.

What I usually do is open newsletters, scan them briefly, and if I don’t find anything of interest, I go to the bottom and find the “unsubscribe” link.



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