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Sorry, I can’t teach any more live classes in Orlando this year–too much going on already!

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SIFIR classes for effective, fast myofascial mobilizations.

Starting in 2013, I’ve been offering SIFIR classes.

First up will be a 12-CEU introduction into easy evaluations and basic techniques for low back, upper back and neck treatments.

Here are the general topics:

“Effortless Posture”: Evaluation in standing, sitting, walking, easy and fast interventions with manual therapy, stretches and yoga-based exercises.

I had fun teaching this class in February 2013, and it was especially exciting for me to see how fast the participants were learning! We were practicing myofascial mobilizations for all the areas that can hinder effortless posture, but also took enough time for mobility tests and some useful exercises.

Click here if you want to look at pictures one of the student posted on Facebook.

“Building a foundation”: Evaluations, manual therapy for feet, legs, hips.

“Core”: Evaluations, manual therapy for structures around the spine, discussion of spinal alignment, focus on low back problems.

“Upper Back”: Evaluations, manual therapy to loosen up tissues around the thoracic spine and shoulder girdle. Discussion of spinal alignment, posture and movement.

“Arms and Neck”: Evaluations, manual therapy for… yes! Arms and neck. Discussion of typical problems like “a crick in the neck”, carpal tunnel syndrome, epicondylitis.

“Treatment strategies”: Learning how to decide on a strategy for a series of sessions. Each student will evaluate and treat another student, and explain the plan for further sessions.

“Walking the walk”: What is a natural, effortless gait? What patterns hinder it? How can we help? Evaluations and interventions with manual therapy and movement education.

“Practicum 1”: We’ll work with clients. Each student will evaluate and treat a client with a first session, teach exercises or give movement cues for homework, and explain the plan for further sessions.
Before the clients come in, we’ll prepare strategies, repeat what we learned in July, and practice with each other, after clients leave we still have time for recap.

“Practicum 2”: We discuss client feedback from the first practicum, practice, then have the same clients come in again for a follow-up session. Ideally, students will have worked with their clients between classes.

“Goal!” Goalsetting, maintenance, compliance. We’ll discuss and practice by roleplaying typical situations in consultations with clients. High emphasis on professional ethics, especially regarding scope of practice.
We’ll also compare notes on best practices, how much “selling” is useful for better results, and how we can work with colleagues to build a referral network.


Classes will include:

  • easy and fast posture evaluation
  • teaching effortless good posture
  • learn which structures to work on for better posture
  • gait analysis and gait training
  • myofascial mobilization techniques for feet, lower legs, knees, thighs, hips, lower back & core, upper back, ribs and diaphragm, shoulders, neck, arms and hands
  • short movement exercises to improve mobility
  • developing a treatment plan for a series of treatments
  • determining the client’s goals and advising the client on a plan to reach those goals
  • helping the client find a maintenance plan after treatments have ended

A full certification in SIFIR will be available for students who have passed each class and both parts of the practicum.

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