Videos I’ve used in classes for myofascial mobilizations (no audio)

Science-based medicine:

Great places for pain research:   (get their newletter!)

Lorimer Moseley’s blog:

Good-to-know studies and other references:

big study about how deadly sitting is

seven year follow up for back pain cases

study on how taking breaks helps low back pain

study on chinese teachers about sitting, standing, neck/shoulder pain and low back pain

study by chiropractors about AHC (=FHP, anterior head carriage)
“This study found no correlation between neck disability index scores pain and anterior head carriage. Some participants showed significant AHC but were asymptomatic while others were symptomatic without significant AHC and still others were asymptomatic without significant AHC. Future studies examining cervical spine posture as an etiology of neck pain should focus on environmental factors, age, and occupational factors. “
Information regarding posture/structure/alignment misconceptions:
Rolfing origins:

Placebo and Ritual:

Kaptchuk, T. J. (2011). Placebo studies and ritual theory: a comparative analysis of Navajo, acupuncture and biomedical healing. the whole article is free

Social Media: Twitcleaner had to close!

I’ve recommended in the past, but since Twitter changed the gameplan, they can’t operate any longer. identifies spam, too… just not as nicely as Twitcleaner used to. Unfortunately Twitter changed the rules, so it’s not possible any longer.

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