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Sometimes there is confusion about whether I’m a naturopath. Not here! In Florida, I’m licensed as a massage therapist, because that’s what I need in order to work with soft tissue mobilization techniques.

My education started in Germany in 1994 at a college for natural health. I’m licensed as a naturopathic physician there, and have been specializing in treating the neuro-musculoskeletal system.
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Why is Massage Therapy So Expensive?

(update 9/9/13: Reactions I’m getting on Facebook and in the comments here suggest that I haven’t been clear.
The image is making fun of my past self and other idealistic therapists who aren’t good with money. I do not suggest people should charge $25! I had hoped my post would explain why I think that in some areas where the cost of living is high, and office space is at a premium, even $100 would not suffice to cover the cost and a living wage.
Of course the price of a service depends on value for the customer, so I tried to explain this post is not about top-notch manual therapy, it’s about an “average” relaxation massage.
And last… I do value massage therapy highly, and I know of the benefits. I will not edit the post itself, since that would make a lot of the comments look strange, but I think I should have been MUCH clearer.
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Tools for Massage Therapists


Mechanic and electronic gadgets are getting more popular among massage therapists.
Some show great results, others are only used to give the therapist’s hands a break.
I’ve seen many cases where clients didn’t get any benefit from the treatment, but the therapists insisted on its necessity.
(Read this if you’re in that situation)

Consider the amazing tools massage therapists come with.
They can exert a precise amount of pressure, vibration, friction; so precise that you could measure it by the gram. Recalibration and assessment happen instantly, all the time.

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If a treatment doesn’t work, quit.

DVinci_Symbol.jpgHere’s my unpopular opinion: Go ahead and expect fast results from the CAM treatment you’re trying.

Don’t fall for the pitch “this isn’t surgery… it takes time for your system to change”.

While the argument is true, the implication can cost you thousands of dollars without any benefit to your health.

I’ve seen it too often: new clients tell me about the doctors/practitioners they paid, faithfully, for several treatments per week, for a whole year, without any improvement of their problem!                                Continue reading