Are you an LMT looking for a better future?

I love helping out my colleagues.

You can always ask me for lunch or coffee, just send an email to lu (AT) balanceorlando(DOT) com. I’ll tell you all I know about the industry, about effectively marketing yourself, or how I think you can find a good job.

Yes, I can also tell you why I don’t use “@” in my email address when I publish it online 🙂

Probably you’ll hear me say “online” a lot anyway. I’m shocked at how many of us don’t even have decent websites. But I know how it is… when I started Balance Orlando, I had no idea of how powerful a good website can be. Of all places, it was Twitter that taught me about effective marketing, just because of people I followed.

If you’re looking for a job, I’m sorry, we’re not hiring at the moment. However… I do want to make connections to talented colleagues, because WE WILL NEED MORE THERAPISTS.

I can’t promise you when, and of course I can’t promise you a job. But if you make a good impression, and you have good skills, I could give you a chance, or at least I could put you on my waiting list. We are expanding in the Orlando area.

So… what should you do?

1. Email me. Make a good impression.

I wrote a whole long post about how I hire. It has a lot of good advice for anybody who wants to be seen as a professional.

2. Take my classes. I teach the techniques that employers are looking for, and I don’t charge oodles of money.

I’m teaching live classes to share my most effective Structural Integration techniques, and I’m working on a bunch of online classes as well.

More to follow… so sign up for our workshop list.

3. Be patient, and be willing to work hard.

This is not an easy industry to work in. If you REALLY want to be one of the best therapists in the world, you can have a very rewarding career, helping people out of pain, and improving athletic performance. Eventually you might even be able to make really good money.

I’m still not there. I’m on my way, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past. I learned my lessons, and I’m happy to share.


What is the most important thing you learned so far? Please leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “Are you an LMT looking for a better future?

  1. As a former client and business and marketing strategist I would say that If you are aspiring to be a massage therapist, and your in the Orlando Florida area, you would do well to connect with Lu. From the integrity and ethics to the operations and business and marketing systems…she’s the real deal. She is razor sharp professionalism mixed with tender hearted servant leadership.

    – Michael Deaver,
    michael at michaeldeaver dot com

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