Getting into Handstand with a partner’s help… or what Candice calls the “magic fist”

As you know, I don’t like headstand. In my opinion, handstand makes a lot more sense as an intense inversion and to build strength and balance.

Are you ready to try handstand? If you can already keep yourself up in handstand at the wall, you can try this variation where you just get some help with your balance.

I assume you don’t have¬†high blood pressure, vertigo, your shoulders are strong and flexible enough? When in doubt, of course, ask your doctor before you blame me for falling on your face!

Here’s how you get into handstand with a partner’s help:

1. Start in a kind of short Down Dog and lift one leg.

2. Your partner holds that leg in the air without pushing it–just like giving it a shelf to rest on.
If a partner helps too much and is trying to push you up by that leg, it’s too hard for you to keep your balance. Make sure your partner knows what you want–just have her hold the leg where it is.

3. Bring the other leg all the way up so that you have your body in a straight line.

4. Now your partner can help with the leg she is holding by bringing it up to meet the other, or just by being there while you do it. Then her hand goes between your thighs, balled in a fist. Yes, I’m serious.

5. It sounds weird, but the partner’s fist between your thighs gives you support. Just squeeze your thighs in. This way you can learn to balance on your hands.

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