I don’t take phonecalls.

ImageHaven’t done it in a month now. The only exception is my father–it’s rare enough that we get to talk, so when it’s him, I pick up.

Otherwise? Nope. I schedule phonecalls, and only pick up if it’s a call I’m expecting.

Results are AMAZING. I’m a lot more relaxed, free time starts feeling “free” again, and best of all I don’t have these annoying phone conversations.

Of course I can only do that because I have office staff seven days a week, and when they can’t answer, we have remote operators.

How do you handle phonecalls? Which ones do you answer?

2 thoughts on “I don’t take phonecalls.

  1. I usually let my business line go to voice mail, which provides instructions on how to book massage appointments online. This often results in online bookings coming through 5 minutes later. I’m busy enough right now that I’m not afraid of potentially missed business from people who don’t want to manage their own appointments and don’t want to leave a message.

    • Oh, that’s a GREAT position to be in, Amy!

      I have 4 massage therapists that I’d like to get booked up as much as I am… so I’m glad I have people who answer the phone for me. But yes, the clients who like to book online are often the best anyway 🙂

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