Scheduling Sessions With Me

For 2012, I’ve reduced the hours when I’m available for appointments at Balance. We also have a new (and better) scheduling system.

Maybe you’re a little miffed–two years ago you were able to just send me a text or call my cellphone, and I’d see you the same day to fix the crick in your neck, the painful shoulder or your sciatic pain.

Now I’m telling you to call our office at 407 704 8867 (we have remote operators, you can call 24/7) or to use the online scheduling system which you can also access from any page on our website.

Probably I recommend one of our therapists who can help you sooner than I.

It’s not that I suddenly don’t care any more–I just got really busy. In 2011, I often had eighty hours of work per week. That’s not sustainable. Bodywork sessions are just part of my workload.  Business development and administration take a lot of time, and we’ve been growing so quickly that it can get hard to keep up. I also do a lot of networking, and continuing education for massage therapists.

My priority stays the same: at Balance, you will continue to find therapists and office staff who care about you, who take time listening to you, and who do their best to make you feel better.

That’s why I spend so much time training and managing my staff.

When I’m between meetings and you call my cell, trying to get an appointment, I don’t know when I’m available. I’d have to check the online system to make sure. That’s why I ask you to call the office or schedule online–it’s a lot faster, and we don’t have to play phonetag.

In the past, I had my calendar in my pocket and could just put your appointment in.

I’m sorry it doesn’t work like that any longer. Here’s a photo I took of my calendar from November 2011.

So much going on, appointments getting changed and rescheduled, running back and forth.

It’s a lot easier now. I have fixed times when I’m available for appointments, and starting September, they’ll be:

  • Sundays 10am-5pm
  • Mondays 7am-1:30pm
  • Tuesdays 2pm-8pm
  • Wednesdays 8am-2pm.

Plan ahead

You might not be able to get an appointment for the same week (sometimes not even for the next two weeks), so it makes sense to plan ahead. Or you can check whether there’s a slot open for a short session. If you have recurring problems that I know well, it’s likely I also know how to give you a quick fix to tide you over until we can have a full session.

You can also ask to be put on the waiting list for an appointment if you’re flexible in your schedule, then my staff will call you as soon as somebody cancels.

I suggest you schedule at least your following three sessions. If something comes up, you can always cancel or reschedule two days before the appointment (that’s when you get the email reminder), and then somebody from the waiting list can get in.

When you need a treatment soon, try one of our other therapists! They really are great. I would not let anybody work at Balance who’s just average. Please don’t think “massages don’t do anything for me, it’s Rolfing or nothing”. You might just have had bad experiences with massages in the past, since most massage therapists in Florida do rather superficial work. I test everybody who works at Balance to make sure they use techniques that make a difference. If you’re not sure who would be best for you, just ask the receptionist. They all get massages regularly, and can tell you which therapist is best for you, based on your preferences.


Please let me know about your experience at Balance. I welcome all feedback!


Warm regards



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  1. This is an important piece of information! I hope it get’s the attention and understanding it deserves. I think the hours you offer are excellent. Early in the morning or late at night, there’s a time slot which works for anyone’s schedule.

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