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In the past four years, I’ve developed, tested and improved my own type of bodywork for quick fixes. It’s based on techniques I learned in Germany 1995-98 when I was studying naturopathic medicine and bodywork, but is also influenced by my current work as a Certified Rolfer™–or, to be more specific, SIFIR is what I do when I don’t do Rolfing®.
I’m not always going for the holistic re-education of the whole body that Rolfing Structural Integration is intended for. Quite often I see clients who are well-integrated and just have a singular problem that needs attention, often related to injury, or just “a crick in the neck”.
Other times there is a problem with pain or limited range of motion that is standing in the way of better integration and needs to be addressed before a holistic approach can be used.

In those cases symptom-oriented bodywork is called for, and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 15 years. Now I’ve put my quick fixes into a system.

Since my clients often comment on “instant gratification”, I call it SIFIR–Structural Interventions for Instant Results.

This is not about selling “new” techniques. If you have a lot of experience with myofascial work, especially structural bodywork, the techniques themselves are similar.

What’s “new” is that I aim at high efficiency for fast pain relief. A lot of my sessions are just 20 minutes long, and the results are great.

SIFIR IS NOT STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION, but there are similarities.

Structural Integration (SI) is an umbrella term for treatments that are based on the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf.

Rolfing® Structural Integration, or Rolfing for short, is the best known type of SI, and is taught by the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration (RISI) that was founded by Dr. Rolf in 1972. The term “Structural Integration” could not be protected, so Dr. Rolf allowed the Rolf Institute to use the nickname “Rolfing” instead.
After her death in 1979, some of her former students and Rolfing instructors left the Rolf Institute to open their own schools. Most of them teach “Structural Integration“, and some of them call it “The Rolf Method” or something similar.
That’s NOT what I’m trying to do with SIFIR. “Structural Integration for Instant Results” is not a complete practice and theory of Structural Integration, and my training is not an alternative to the schools for SI.

If you would like to learn a holistic practice of SI, please take the Rolf Institute’s classes.

– improve range of motion significantly and permanently, in just one short session
– decrease musculoskeletal pain significantly, but often just temporarily
– be done with the client lying, sitting, standing in different positions, depending on the location that is being worked on, and the positioning tools available.

SIFIR utilizes

– the practitioner’s fingers, knuckles, heel of the hand, forearm, elbow
– no massage tools out of wood or metal, since those give no sensory feedback
– no oils
– professional massage tables, but also ordinary furniture

A SIFIR session
– includes myofascial mobilization techniques in deep, slow strokes, mostly around attachments and between layers of muscle and connective tissue
– can be between 15 and 90 minutes long, the practitioner offers different options, the client decides how much time will be needed
– aims at instant relief of musculoskeletal symptoms like pain, tension, limited range of motion
– is guided by THE CLIENT.

The client decides
– what the goal of each session is
– what areas are worked on
– what type of session to book (short, normal, long)
– how to be dressed (sports shorts and a bandeau bra make it easiest, but yoga pants and a tank top are fine, too)
– whether a particular technique feels useful or should be stopped
– whether the treatment is useful to reach the goal
– whether to come back  for follow-up-treatments

The SIFIR practitioner decides
– what options to offer, how long different sessions can be
– when to be available for scheduled appointments
– whether to be available for walk-ins
– what the different sessions cost
– whether to offer discounts for introductory treatments, packages and memberships

The SIFIR practitioner recommends
– positions for the work: lying, sitting, standing, lying on the side, lying in a light twist etc
– frequency of sessions depending on how the client responds and on how long pain relief lasts

The SIFIR practitioner will not
– push the client into scheduling follow-up appointments
– push the client into buying packages or a membership
– blame the client for lack of results

Side effects:
– as with any other kind of deep tissue manipulation, there can be soreness for a few days after a treatment
– rarely there could be bruises
– very rarely there could be muscle strain

In order to avoid side effects, the client has to communicate clearly how the treatment feels.

SIFIR treatments should not cause ANY sharp or burning pain.


If you’re interested in treatments with me, use for our scheduling system. I recommend you book a “Consultation & Tryout” first, that’s only $40 and gives us time to discuss your case.


Are you a massage therapist and you want to learn SIFIR? Please send me an email or sign up for our newsletters!

4 thoughts on “Structural Interventions for Instant Results

  1. Lu, this is a big undertaking! Good luck! I agree with some of the feedback on the LinkedIn discussion board. I think that “Structural Integration For Instant Results” should be prominently displayed as the main heading for the post.

    There are several places where the writing style could be smoother, but I think those will become apparent when you work on fine-tuning the article. If you want to email me a draft in Word, I’ll be happy to do a little editing to suggest stylistic changes.

    I’d also spell out your objectives a bit more clearly. What types of massage therapists might be interested in learning your techniques? What types of clients might be interested in receiving a treatment?

    This is a great start, Lu. I think you are on the right track!


  2. I look forward to this class, Lu. Anything that says “instant results” has my attention. I feel like either you are selling me snake oil, or else you know something I don’t know. Considering I have watched the people walk out of your room pretty much cured of a range of stuff, I’m convinced it’s the latter. That said, I am still going to have a lot of questions. As for this writing, I think it sounds pretty straight-forward. Can’t wait!

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