SIFIR student testimonials


Check out this page if you’re curios about SIFIR, I’ve written an outline, dates for the first few classes, and even a whole section of why you should not attend!

And yes, this is a bragging post… here are testimonials I’ve received:

Lu teaches a comprehensive, hands on applicable approach. Her course taught me the finer skills of affecting the deeper layers of soft tissue. I feel this class has made me a much more effective therapist.

Stacie Griffin MA#41848 Massage Envy Mentor Therapist, Clermont, FL. 

I have taken two of Lu’s classes and only missed a third because I was teaching a CE class myself that day, and found both of the SIFIR classes to be incredibly “accessible.” And what I mean by that is  the material and technique is relevant, useable, and understandable, presented in a way that leaves you capable of going into your very next massage session able to use many of the tools immediately. She is incredibly intelligent and  a highly skilled bodyworker, but unlike some instructors, isn’t there trying to impress with the use of big medical jargon words. She seems truly interested in giving therapists effective skills – and she does. And make no mistake, you will leave impressed with her knowledge of movement assessment — and leave wanting more.

Kumari Kelly, LMT, LPN,  CE Instructor/Barefoot-Thai Fusion Massage (MA56756)
Orlando, Florida  

Find info about Kumari’s classes here:


You walk out of Lu’s class feeling more knowledgeable and confident in yourself as a therapist. She has a way of teaching that is informative and concise, with no time wasted, and almost all hands on practice. She’s also very helpful and encouraging which makes learning something new even more enjoyable.  I learned several techniques that I was able to implement immediately into my practice. These are deep techniques that will impress even your toughest clients. Also, the quality of these classes (no fluff) from such an experienced practitioner at her price is a unbeatable! I look forward to more classes with Lu.

Natalie D’Azzo, LMT and Yoga teacher, Orlando 

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