We’ve been doing well being “the different massage place” even though there’s a lot of competition around, and they charge half of what we do.
Our website seems to help communicate our vision to prospective clients, but I still have trouble putting it into a statement.
Reading advice on how a vision statement should be written makes it only harder.
Some of my thoughts:
  1. Our clients and patients are treated by practitioners who truly care and show it with every interaction. They have a lot of experience in their modality and get more education on new research and effective techniques.
  2. Our office staff is friendly, welcoming, and able to make people feel instantly better just by talking to them.
  3. Organization is impeccable, everything gets done promptly, files are in order (as you’d expect in a medical office) and scheduling is made easy.
Sometimes I say that we cater more to the therapist than to the client, because I do everything to keep the therapists happy. The ones who work with me would work for themselves if I had not opened Balance. They’re glad that I’m taking all the administration and marketing away from them.
What do you use? Do you have a vision statement on your wall, on your website, in your employee’s contracts?
How did you find a good one? Let me know!

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