Wanted: Another Rolfer™ for Balance

I’m not only a Rolfer with a big background in  naturopathic medicine and bodywork but also a business owner.

update May 21st 2012: I am still looking for the right fit. Doesn’t have to be a Rolfer, a Structural Integrator from a different school would also be possible.

As you see here, we have four massage therapists, an acupuncture physician, myself as the Rolfer, and there are three part time people to staff the office.
By now a lot of my time goes into business development and management, so the space on the top right is reserved for a second Rolfer to give me more time.
At Balance we provide all the administration, marketing and professional facilities that bodyworkers need nowadays to be able to compete with the massage chains and chiropractors who employ massage therapists.

So actually we cater to our therapists more than to our clients. Our therapists don’t do any kind of marketing for themselves, they just show up, do the work, and get on with their day (often that involves another job like housecalls).
In the past year they’ve started working very well together, referring clients to one another to take full advantage of everybody’s specializations.
My work turned into providing support, supervision and education to the other therapists and to take care of difficult cases, usually chronic pain.
Doing the Ten Series is still an amazing experience, but it’s getting in the way of my other work.
What I see for the future is me working about 20 hours per week with clients, and that would mostly mean intakes, consultations and tryout-treatments that are free or cheap, and otherwise Rolfing/bodywork sessions for the cases that really need my attention.
So there’ll be need for someone who does most of the treatments, especially the Ten Series.

If you love doing the Ten Series, if you dislike the organization of a business, you pretty much just want to show up and do the work you like, then Balance is a great place for you.
Self marketing would only mean to go to events now and then so people can meet you, and offering consultations and tryout treatments.
I’ve been spending a lot of time and money on marketing for the business, and I think that’s the main reason that we stand out so much in Orlando while other places just went down due to the recession. I opened in September 2008, so I’m really glad we didn’t only keep our head over water, but are thriving.
We’re located in College Park, a beautiful old neighborhood close to Downtown Orlando (far from the tourist areas).
If you could see yourself as the next vital part of Balance please email me luATBalanceorlandoDOTcom.

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