Why standing on your head is not a good idea

This is a spine. Look at the size of the vertebrae.


These ones support some weight, they’re big and sturdy.



Now look at these little, delicate ones. They help balance the head over the shoulders, provide protection for the arteries you see running through, and they enclose the spinal canal.
Don’t make them support your whole body’s weight, or you endanger the nerves and blood vessels.

If you think inversions are important, practice handstand and forearm balance, but don’t stand on your head.

6 thoughts on “Why standing on your head is not a good idea

    • That’s a whole different situation, since the head and neck don’t have to bear weight.

      The only possible risk there is when you’re hung up on your ankles… some people get ankle or knee problems–those joints are made to do well with push, not pull.

      I’d just try it out carefully, and at first with the slanted board, not fully vertical. Just see how you feel. For some people it’s great because of the decompression on the disks, for others it doesn’t do much.

      Another possible risk factor is high blood pressure. When in doubt, ask your physician (see, this is me covering my ass…).

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