4 thoughts on “Just an example… for sciatica

  1. Hey, very cool! I was thinking to myself, when you explained the strength things: “Why doesn’t she advise to hold the pose for x number of breaths instead of ‘count to 10′”? I should think this is a) a more stable way of measuring time and b) more adjusted to the individual person. For someone more adjusted to this type of thing, they would breathe naturally slower than people who are less adjusted to it. Toward the end of the video, you mention just that. 🙂 What do you think?

    • I think you’re totally right! This video is just a really good example of what I do in consultations… I’m making things up, together with the client, that fit the client’s physical needs, but also their personality.
      I’ll be posting videos more targeted to a general audience (now that I know how good my phone is).

  2. That looks like a great sequence. I’ll try to do that more often as I use a variation already.

    I’m pretty heavy, 250+ lbs, so pulling a leg down with my knee to chest with my arm muscles isn’t really viable; my leg muscles always win. Instead I lie in a doorway so that I can extend my legs through the door when on my side and rotate onto my back to rest my feet on the wall with my knees gently stretching to my chest.

    • Great!
      Let me know how it goes. I’ll work on more videos for low back issues… my yoga teacher and I will get together next week. They’ll show up in my YouTube channel and then I’ll make a blogpost with more explanations.
      I like it a lot that you’re developing your own strategies!

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