Tight hamstrings?

Are your hamstrings are so short that you have trouble sitting with your legs stretched out?.

Short hamstrings make injuries more likely, and once you injure them, they get even tighter, due to scar tissue.

You say: “Yes, I know. And I am stretching them all the time, and it just doesn’t get any better.”

This post is for you. People think I’ve always been flexible, but really: It was in my 30s that I was finally able to touch my toes with straight knees. Even when I was a kid I couldn’t do it.

Stretches are often taught by flexible people who can’t understand how it is to have these very tight, very stiff muscles that fight every attempt at stretching.

My solution is passive lengthening. It works for different areas, and in upcoming posts I”ll show you more.


Just test this: Lie on the floor with your legs propped up on a wall. You can read a book or play with your phone… I should probably tell you to meditate instead.

Do this for 10 minutes per day. Just scoot your butt close enough to the wall that you feel a pull, not pain.

And after 2 weeks let me know what happened. I’m sure your butt is closer to the wall now, maybe even touching.

The idea behind this: For muscles that are very tight and habitually short, the usual stretches don’t work. They only trigger protective reflexes, the muscle gets even tighter in an attempt to protect itself from injury.

Lying in one position over 5 minutes lets the whole body relax, and the muscle lets go–and eventually lengthens. Having your back on the floor also decompresses the low back, and it makes sure you can’t cheat by rounding your back.

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