Relief for tight upper back

Relief for tight upper back

Do you have the same problem?
After a long day of work your upper back feels locked up, you have the sense that you can’t really straighten your back, and pulling your shoulders back just makes it worse. 

Instead of lying over a big foam roller, try this:
Just use a little hand towel, roll it up and put it right under the tight area.
With your feet on a chair, and your knees bent, you should be able to press the low back into the floor.
This way, the tight area in your upper back has no choice but to open up.

You can stay like this for a few minutes, breathe deeply, and try to let your spine relax into the floor.

Don’t be a hero! If it hurts, stop immediately.

Please comment and let me know how it goes.

Some of my clients get taller with just this exercise.

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