Tools for Massage Therapists


Mechanic and electronic gadgets are getting more popular among massage therapists.
Some show great results, others are only used to give the therapist’s hands a break.
I’ve seen many cases where clients didn’t get any benefit from the treatment, but the therapists insisted on its necessity.
(Read this if you’re in that situation)

Consider the amazing tools massage therapists come with.
They can exert a precise amount of pressure, vibration, friction; so precise that you could measure it by the gram. Recalibration and assessment happen instantly, all the time.

The tissue being treated is examined constantly, every minute reaction is being processed, and the treatment is adjusted immediately. We take it for granted, we hardly ever marvel at how impressive this really is. Imagine a tool that lowers the intensity of whatever it is doing in the exact microsecond when the tissue response says “too much”.

Have you followed recent developments in robotics and artificial intelligence? Even the  most advanced prototypes look like crude clubs when compared to a human hand.

Of course, a techno-tool can be purchased ready to go, and it doesn’t fatigue. It doesn’t need rest, continuing education is minimal, and inspiration would get in the way.
It certainly does not require decades of training and experience until it shows its full potential.

But it will never work miracles.

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